By Stefan Kristensen
May 22, 2022

How to get to Monza for the Italian Grand Prix

The Italian Grand Prix is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting events on the racing calendar. It is no wonder that so many people from around the globe descend on the event each year. On this page, we will tell you exactly how to get to Monza for the Italian Grand Prix. 

Getting To Italy

How you get to Italy will be dependent on where you are coming from. Most people will fly in.

No matter how you plan to get into Italy, you aim to get into Milan. This is where all of the links to Monza are. If you can, try to get as central to Milan as possible, again because this is where most of the transport will be leaving from.

Getting To Monza From Milan by Train

The train will probably be the easiest route to get into Monza.

In Milan, head to any major train station and look for the train that stops in Monza. During race weekends, there may be a few extra trains running. However, do bear in mind that they tend to fill up pretty quickly even when extra trains are running. Thankfully, it is only a short trip to Monza station (about 20km).

When you are at Monza station, you will need to take a shuttle bus. These should be sign-posted. Those shuttle buses will take you to just outside of the circuit. From here, there will be a 10-20 minute walk until you are inside of the track, and then a bit more walking to get to wherever you are seated by the track.

Getting To Monza By Taxi or Uber

Ideally, you would avoid getting into Monza by taxi or Uber. While it certainly is possible, the cost of doing so is likely going to be incredibly high for a couple of reasons:

  • There will be a lot of traffic around Monza on a race weekend.
  • There will be a lot of restrictions, which means that you will need to take the long route around.

In most cases, it will probably be better for the driver to drop you off at Monza station. This way, you can take the shuttle bus for the last leg of the journey. It will save you a ton of time. 

Tell the driver if you want to try and get as close to the Monza racetrack as possible. This isn't the first time they will have been driving somebody to Monza, so they will know where to stop, and they can give you further directions of getting into the racetrack properly. 

Getting To Monza By Bus

If you want to travel by bus, then head to the Sesto San Giovanni train station in Milan. This is the only place where the bus to Monza leaves from.

Here, you are looking for the Z221 bus.

The Z221 bus is going to go to Monza train station. However, you don't want to get off here. You should only get off at Monza train station if you feel like heading out on the shuttle bus.

Instead, you will want to stay on the bus and get off at Vedano.

Do bear in mind that this isn't the easiest way to get to Monza. However, these buses do not often have a huge number of people on there. This means that the journey will likely be a little bit calmer. 

Can You Drive To Monza?

You can drive to Monza, but most people wouldn't recommend it.

The problem with driving to Monza is that there will be tons of traffic on the roads. It isn't uncommon to be stuck in traffic for hours on a major race weekend.

Even if there isn't a huge amount of traffic, there will be a ton of road diversions which, sometimes, can be rather tricky to follow.

Finally, if you do drive to the race track, there will be car parks in the surrounding area. However, many of these will be a rather lengthy walk from the track itself. Prepare yourself for that.

Of course, if you opt to drive to Monza, everything should be sign-posted once you leave Milan. However, pay special attention to other signposts the closer that you get to the track. 

Final Word 

Getting to Monza isn't too tricky. This is one of the perks of the racetrack being ever so slightly outside of Milan. While there are plenty of different routes into Monza, we suggest that you use the train station and shuttle bus combo. It is probably going to be the fastest route to the track, and it is certainly going to be the route that will save you the most amount of time when it comes to walking. Just bear in mind that it can be rather busy.

Written by Stefan Kristensen
I have been passionate about motorsports ever since I was a little boy. Back then, I cheered on the racing cars simply based on their colors. Later I fell in love with the many technical features, strategic plays, humans and their stories that all together drives this amazing sport to make it as interesting as it is.
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